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ENERGY and RESOURCES medical services

Industry leaders through the application of  astute skills via specifically qualified clinicians, underwritten by robust medical governance with extensive individual ‘authority to practice’. We support our clinicians with technologically disruptive medical products with the aim to reduce your lag indicators and overall workplace health and safety ‘red’ metrics to deliver above project expectation.

  • Highly experienced, professional, proactive and personable clinicians providing tailored health plans and responses for your site. Experienced across:


  •  Exploration (Geophysical / Seismic)
  •  Production sites (Offshore – FPSOs, TLP’s & Onshore facilities)
  •  Drilling and Completions (Offshore- Jack-Ups, Semi-Submersibles, Drillships, Platforms & Onshore)
  •  Construction 
  •  Flotels
  •  Refineries (Processing, including HF Alkalisers)
  •  Shutdown and Turn-arounds
  •  Brown/Greenfields Developments


  • Archaelogical (Heritage) survey teams
  • Core Drilling
Mining Operations
  •  Surface, Open-cut & Underground 

Oil and Gas

  • All Upstream & Construction including Jackets, Subsurface (e.g. PipeLayers, DSVs and Dive operations)
  • International Security Team Medics
Government & Research
  • Research vessels
  • Border Force and Defence 

Expeditions and Leisure

  • Private charters
  • Altruistic missions
  • Group expeditions
  • Leisure cruises

We have various qualified and highly experienced Paramedics and Emergency Nurses suitable for standard Aeromedical retrievals or Search and Rescue personnel capable of down-the-wire (DtW) or Rescue Swimmer capabilities.



Expeditions and ‘off-grid’ activities involve numerous additional considerations starting with…… the right people. Not everyone is built to endure let alone enjoy some of the more arduous and uncomfortable existences, be they for business or pleasure.  Through our experiences in Special Operations medicine we can tailor the right person for your next adventure.  From alpine and climbing to watersports, trekking through jungles or peaks, parachuting and wild-game hunting; we can medically support your activity intimately -alongside you, every step of the way.

the soter difference


SOTER offers, via our NAEMT training facility registration, the flexibililty of our site located project staff to run relevant, internationally accredited first aid and advanced medical training. Our products include, for low risk operations: First On-the-scene (FOTS);  Psychological Trauma in EMS Patients (PTEP); and Basic Life Support/CPR. For high risk operations: Tactical Emergency Casualty Care-First Responder; Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Provider – Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support. So be it your admin staff or your Emergency Response Team (ERT), we can keep you operational or upskilled, without increased costs in time off, offsite training.

We are more than willing to tailor additional Australian qualifications to the training and scenarios specific to your department or corporate requirements if absolutely required (see WHS Legislation 2011). Be they industrial , active shooter/threat or natural disaster response and rescue, our team can devise a challenging and memorable experience your personnel will learn from.


Our delivery can be F2F or blended with online packages reducing F2F burden so your personnel can access it anywhere you have connectivity. Benefit from any non-productive disruptions and save for your business.    


We can work with your team to design comprehensive scenario based training relevant to your business unit roles, tasks or upcoming operations.  We designed realistic wounds and injuries utilising industry leading props, training aids and moulage special effects. Cost plus packages can including actors for casualties, props and special effects for increased scenario realism on request. 


SOTER is intimately connected to various fraternities and associations to offer the latest evidence based practices and learnings from around the world. Our clinicians all are required to maintain their currency both through the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and internally with our management and medical directors to our relentless standards

Why choose sotEr


SOTER was developed from various experiences of our founders of the variations required of medical clinicians working in U-HARM environments that differ from metropolitan ‘on-road’ paramedics.  It is from this first-hand experience that we have devised our own required minimum standards and further promote various post-graduate and accredited vocational requirements to prepare our personnel to deliver when required upon, in your business.  

Our staff come from various first response backgrounds, including international and domestic Ambulance/Paramedics, heavy industries such as Mining and Oil and Gas, Remote Aeromedical Retrieval and Search and Rescue and the full spectrum of military medical responses. We are governed by a team of physician specialists to which we leverage from to deliver, we believe the highest possible medical care options for your organisation.


So if you have made it this far, you probably think the cost of such a tailored, prepared and competent service is outside your reach?  Well you’d be pleased to learn that due to our boutique nature compared to other providers, we are able to keep our costs down unlike some of our ‘global’ competitors. How does this work out for your operations you ask…?  Well we deliver the people on the ground that can make the decisions over 95% of the time, with greater governance and individual authority. Want to know more on how we save you money…..hit the ENQUIRE HERE button below!!



Humility – Void of toxic ego, we know what we can do, will tell you so or report back otherwise

Integrity – We do what we say we are going to do, on time, and to quality ….when we say we are going to do it by.

Authenticity – Truthful, genuine interactions based on solid moral principles applied in good faith

Resilience – Strength of mind and body to be steadfast in service provision and the stamina for self preservation.

Excellence  – Relentless pursuit of mastery through considered risk and transformational innovation. 

These are our H.IA.R.E (High’ er) values.  Each of our personnel strive by these tenets and these will be displayed and shared within your organisation.

As a Not-for-Profit, SOTER puts our money where our mouth is, Yes we believe in capitalism….yes we need to survive, but we also believe that not enough is done well to the right of centre with many essential services less than ideally supplied.  SOTER is couragelesly challenging the norm to better the delivery of medicine in what is the dichotomy of metro-rural provisions in Australia. If this fits your business’ charter……we are the service for you.   Can’t bring us onto your books……..well we are a registered charity through the ACNC.  Hit the button below to donate as little or much as you like, we will tell you where it will go and even follow up with you Just contact us through the email or number below.


For corporate/department training or medical services enquireies please get in touch directly with one of our training specialists to assist in your enquiry.

Phone: 1300 2 SOTER (2 76837)
Secure email: [email protected]

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