tactical combat casualty care courses

All Service Members Course
1 Day Course for
Non-Combat Positions

→  Rapid Casualty Assessment

→ Correct arterial Tourniquet (TQ) application

→ Wound packing with haemostatic gauze
→Positional airways & Recovery Position
→Pressure dressing applications
→Basic head, hypothermia and spinal considerations

$475* per person


Courses available across Australia & NZ. Speak to us today to learn more.

Date information can be found by clicking here

We are currently running regular courses in SE QLD. Speak to us today about booking a course in your locality.

Combat Lifesaver Course
5 Day Course Suitable for Combat Personnel

→ TC3-ASM skillsets, plus;

→Lifts, Drags & Carries

→ Tactical Trauma Assessment (TTA)

→ Extensive TQ applications 

→ Nasopharyngeal airways

→Chest Seals

→ Needle Decompression

→ 1P/2P Bag Valve Mask 

→ Hypothermia

→ Eye Injuries

→Splinting, Burns

→9-Line Medevac & MIST

→DD1380/TCCC Reporting 

From $1,800*
*Based on 18 pax in SE QLD

Date information can be found by clicking here

We are currently running regular courses in SE QLD. Speak to us today about booking a course in your locality.

Combat Medic Course
10 Day for Combat First Aiders &
SF Team Medics

→  TC3-CLS skillsets, plus;

→ TQ replacement, conversion and Improvised and  Junctional Tourniquets (JTQs)

→Supra-glottic & Surgical Airways 

→XStat Application

→ Wound Closure Device

→ IV/IO Insertions (FAST1 & EZ-IO)

→ Fluid Therapy

→ Advanced injury treatments and splinting

→ Blood typing

→Analgesia, AB’s,

→ETCO2 monitoring and more…..


Date information can be found by clicking here

We are currently running regular courses in SE QLD. Speak to us today about booking a course in your locality.

What we offer


We come to your location, reducing overheads of travel and accommodation for personnel and leveraging on the familiarity and flexibility of defence training facilities, enabling  your personnel to more of what they are trained to do.


We have ex-military personnel familiar with live fire ranges, under  your organisations internal range standing orders our personnel can accompany safety supervisors to facilitate medical scenarios as part of live fire drills or use our in-house realistic opposed training weapons.


Pre-course reading optimising  face-to-face (F2F) packages  using realistic skills stations and scenario lanes.  Ultra realistic wounds and injuries utilising industry leading props, training aids and moulage special effects. Cost plus packages employing extras/ actors to promote realism available.


We can work with your team to design comprehensive scenario based training relevant to your unit roles, tasks or upcoming operations.


Handover progression plan for internal/organic ability to qualify unit members as Instructors and subsequently facilities as registered training centres


SOTER offers the latest Ukraine conflict lessons from the battlefield via personally experienced surgeons at Role 1/2 facilities nearest the frontline.


Discounted rates for government orders*

Why choose sotEr


SOTER is the only official Australian US DOD registered TCCC provider in Australasia, including government (military) organisations.  We can credential your personnel or  department to the US DOD CoTCCC recommendations and advise on Australian equivalent pharmaceutical alternatives through our robust medical governance via our TCCC physician specialists.  


All our staff delivering TC3  have relevant military experience, from civilian medical specialists working through the reserve, ex-military medics, special forces operators, critical care flight paramedics to emergency physicians, general and specialist surgeons. Regardless of the cohort, we can tailor the right team for your organisation.


– Globally recognised certification (3 yrs),

– Like-for-like accreditation assisting exchanges and interoperability with US/UK counterparts 

– Rapid identification of individuals clinical scope of practice. 

– Standardised and regulated training by the the National Association of  Emergency Medical Technicians on behalf of the US Defence Health Agency,

– Student and or Instructor competence and accreditation. 

SOTER sets the standard for training in hostile environments through our experience across the spectrum of warfare from shooter, medic, flight paramedic, physician and surgeon.                        


Guaranteed to receive the most up-to-date training as directed by the leading authority, the Committee of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (CoTCCC)
The most recognisable qualification used by foreign military , law enforcement and agencies worldwide. 

3 year certification issued in the form of a registered provider card and NAEMT certificate of completion.

Trust, in certified, reputable and audited trainers. 

Competency in training …..not attendance qualification.  

* Offered to contracted department orders.  Ability to adopt an organic training progression requires the organisation to fulfill all NAEMT pre-requisites and ongoing criteria as a training centre and have the ability to contribute to the development of an Australian model of TECC.

Due to the highly customised nature of our services, please get in touch for one of our training specialists to contact you asap or securely email us at [email protected]

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