DNIPRO Tourniquet

The Dnipro arterial tourniquet (Tq) is a windlass operated tourniquet for stopping severe haemorrhage via circumferential application around a limb, occluding blood flow distally (down the limb) from the point of application.

Dnipro Tq’s are made in the Ukraine, have been supplied extensively to Ukrainian forces and arguable the most successful Tourniquet in modern conflict  400,000+ reported casualties to date.

Instructions accompany the product however it is highly suggested accredited training through SOTER on the product use is sought .


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DNIPRO Tourniquet

Tourniquets are highly suitable for serious limb injuries as an occurrence of;

  • Serious Motor Vehicle Accidents (serious lacerations from glass/metal)
  • Shark attacks (Surfing / Diving/ Boating etc)
  • Downhill Mountain Biking (crashes involving; open fractures from falls /stick impalements /bike on person trauma)
  • Industrial accidents (amputations, crush injuries, severe lacerations etc)


Comfortable and reliable in use, with or without gloves. Made of Aluminum alloy – Duralumin. Independently tested in Australia and stronger than then alternative windlass tourniquets.

Completely closes and securely holds across the gate. Perforated hole in tab allows you to quickly find the edge of the velcro by touch

It is extremely tensile and tear-resistant, but has a light stroke when the gate is rotated.

Increased strength in the backplate material and design yet malleable to conform or bend to limbs. It securely holds the (reinforced) windlass retention gate. These features improve on known failure points in other models whilst ensuring the tourniquet remains flexible to conform to limbs of different sizes.

Extra padding to the sections between backplate and routing buckle, reducing pressure points and protecting tissues and skin on the limbs from pinching, increasing efficacy and reducing harm.

Convenient and reliable in operation, curved to increase efficacy and negate trauma to the underlying tissues, provides fast belt threading and will survive extremes in heat, cold,  ultraviolet light, and marine environments greater than plastic.

Saw-tooth design to adequately grasp and lock the strap on application of first ‘bite’. Assists in reduced need in functioning windlass operation.

Now the outer belt does not interfere with the rotation of the gate on the platform and the twisting of the inner belt whilst additionally reinforcing the platform from below.

Added padding between the back plate and routing buckle ensuring increased comfort and better protects the skin and muscles on the limbs from pinching.

The DNIPRO is a 100% Ukrainian product and arguably the most successful tourniquet having proven its worth through the Russo-Ukrainian war.  With casualties in the hundreds of thousands and almost every Ukrainian fighter making it to surgery having a least one applied, it stands to be the most successful in modern combat history if not already.

It is highly suggested that when purchasing any tourniquet you receive accredited training such as First-on -the-Scene, Tactical Emergency Casualty Care for First Responders, which focuses on the fundamentals of tourniquet application including indications, common issues/failings during application, equipment preservation and stowage and evidence based data on suggested duration of application. 


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