advanced clinical courses

Advanced Medical
Life Support Course

Recognise and manage common medical crises through realistic case-based scenarios that challenge students to apply their knowledge tohighly critical patients.

→ Respiratory disorders

→  Cardiovascular disorders

→ Shock

→ Sepsis

→ Neurological disorders

→ Endocrine/Metabolic disorders

→ Environmental emergencies

→ Infectious disease

→ Abdominal disorders

→ Toxicological emergencies

→ Exposure to hazardous materials



Prehospital Trauma
Life Support 

PHTLS provides trauma care training for EMTs, paramedics, nurses, physician
assistants, physicians, and other prehospital providers.

→ Physiology of life and death

→ Scene Assessment

→ Patient Assessment

→ Airway

→ Breathing, ventilation and oxygenation

→ Circulation, haemorrhage and shock

→ Patients with disabilities

→ Patient simulations

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care – PHTLS Provider

3 Day Course to prepare Nurses, Medics, Paramedics and Physicians for non permissive or hostile
trauma scenarios

→  Tactical Phases of Care

»Direct Threat Care, Indirect Threat Care & Evacuation Care

Rapid Casualty Assessment, 

→ Correct arterial Tourniquet  and Junctional (TQ) applications,  conversions and improvised solutions

→ Chest seals, burping and Needle Chest Decompression (NCD)

→ Wound packing, pressure dressings and haemostatic agents. 

→NPAs, SGA’s , Surgical Cricothyroidotomy and ETI. 

→ IV/IO Insertions (FAST1 OR EZ-IO)

→Burns, TBI, Blood transfusion product heirarchy and more……

→ High fidelity tactical scenarios

→3 year international accreditation


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We are currently running regular courses in SE QLD. Speak to us today about booking a course in your locality.

What we offer


We can come to your location, reducing overheads of corporate travel and accommodation for personnel and leveraging on the familiarity and flexibility  of your own training facilities and less time away from the workplace.

We are more than willing to tailor additional Australian qualifications to the training and scenarios specific to your department or corporate requirements. Be they industrial , active armed offender or natural disaster response and rescue, our team can devise a challenging and memorable experience your personnel will learn from.


Blended packages optimising  face-to-face (F2F) time for using realistic skills stations and scenario lanes.  Ultra realistic wounds and injuries utilising industry leading props, training aids and moulage special effects. Cost plus packages including actors for casualties, props and special effects for hyper-realism on request. 


We can work with your team to design comprehensive scenario based training relevant to your unit roles, tasks or upcoming operations.


SOTER is intimately connected to various fraternities and associations to offer the latest evidence based practices and learnings from around the world.

* Minimum level of exisiting qualification is recommended to a Cert IV Ambulance/Emergency Health or equivalent level of vocational training.

Why choose sotEr


From the same family as the globally re-known NAEMT PHTLS, for medical professionals, SOTER is the only accredited and credentialed TECC-PHTLS provider in Australasia.  It is our objective to step-change Australia’s first responders with this world-class trauma care and standardise our emergency services collectively, enabling greater interoperability during large incidents and immediate care regardless of first unit on scene and the ongoing care continuum.


Our staff come from various first response backgrounds, including international and domestic Ambulance/Paramedics, , Emergency and Flight Nurses and Emergency, Rural Remote and Specialist Physicians. We have experiences through a range of heavy industries such as Mining and Oil and Gas, Remote Aeromedical Retrieval and Search and Rescue and the full spectrum of military medical responses. We are governed by a team of physician specialists to which we utilise to deliver world-class training and medical services. 



– Internationally recognised certifications

– Accredited and credentialed training with CPD and certifications.

– Standardised and regulated training  through the  National Association of  Emergency Medical Technicians.

– Student and Instructor competence and accreditation. 

SOTER sets the standard for trainingbe in pre-hospital, clinical or in hostile environments through our collective experience from around the globe.                         


Quality up-to-date information and high fidelity scenario training through the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians

Recognisable qualifications used by emergency services,  nurses and physicians.

Certification, issued in the form of a registered provider card and NAEMT certificate of completion plus accredited interactive and non-interactive CPD hours.

Trust, in certified, reputable and credentialed trainers.

Competency in training……not attendance qualification

For corporate/department bookings please get in touch directly with one of our training specialists to assist in your enquiry.
Phone: 1300 2 SOTER (2 76837)
Secure email: [email protected]

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