SOTER International can rapidly test on-site to ensure the safety of your workforce – TODAY!

Pro-active COVID-19 testing at your workplace is available now.
Cost effective, fast and painless we organise everything from beginning to end with little to no admin for your staff with speedy results.

What we OFFER:

SOTER is offering workplace COVID-19 testing to reduce the risk and assist businesses to screen and prevent the spread of asymptomatic COVID-19.

Asymptomatic testing for COVID-19 is 96% affective (CareStart 96.3% sensitivity) and although not as accurate as PCR testing, is ~1/6th the cost AND the results are returned to the patient prior to them entering the workplace, within 15 minutes. When utilised in a layered approached with an increasing number of vaccinated employees, recommended 2-3 tests per week and physical personnel protection such as masks, good hand hygiene and other health practices, it WILL reduce the likelihood of COVID circulating through the workplace and reduces the risk of costly shutdowns, and deep-cleans whilst also protecting your customers, staff, reputation to your organisation and  those of your business  partner’s and clients relying on your services.

Results of any current rapid COVID test cannot be definitively diagnosed as ‘positive’.  A ‘non-negative’ test can be immediately isolated and will need to undergo a PCR test to confirm it is not a false positive. Current data from Howard Springs quarantine facility (NT) for returning Australians shows a 1:10,000 false positive occurrence.  This is a small inconvenience for peace of mind.

How does it work?

To make an enquiry for your organisation for COVID-19 rapid antigen testing or any pre-hospital service please email us at [email protected]

Note for organisations: Testing of asymptomatic patients differs between states and settings. We strongly advise in an initial PCR test through a qualified pathology lab for an initial return-to-work and  commence Rapid Antigen Testing supplementary to that.

World Health Organisation on Rapid Antigen Testing

SOTER can provide a turn-key site based Rapid Antigen Testing capability throughout Australia including the mandated provision of clinical supervision of the site established, supply of the rapid tests, required number of qualified and experienced clinician testers, and accurate recording, documentation and storage as per medical privacy standards whilst providing easy access to records where required.

We will organise all the Infectious Waste Management and Disposal

Advise on WHS planning and return to work process in an effort to get business’ back to what they do best, safely.



Educational facilities




Add an additional layer of screening to those un-vaccinated and at greater risk.

We utilise a leading manufacturer of SARS-COVID Rapid Antigen Test approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) with specific focus on quality control.  All of our testers have extensive clinical experience with the attention to detail in order to protect your business’ return to a safe state of productivity.

We can service high volume locations such as :


              – Construction Sites

              -Industrial Sites/Manufacturing

              – Remote resources sites (minesites/offshore platforms)

              -Point of arrival/departure (airfields)

              – Major Events



SOTER International is a not for profit charitable organisation. We are committed to supporting medical and retrieval development, support& recovery and re-employment for first responders and veterans.

When you hire our services, money is directly reinvested towards creating a holistic response to improve patient outcome from point of injury to hospitalisation.

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